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The Importance of HR Software and Company Management

Many companies wonder why they need software to manage their employees and their company. The importance of HR software and company management can be broken up into several parts. In this article, let’s talk about why you should have software to manage your company.

The Hiring Process: Creating and Posting Jobs

When companies are looking to hire a new employee, they have to post the job for applicants to find. There are dozens of ways that companies can post jobs. Before, jobs were posted in the want ads found in newspapers.

Times have changed. Applicants use Google and other search engines to find jobs.

Several companies have careers listed on their website. Which is great for the company, because that means that applicants want to join that specific company. Other companies post jobs to LinkedIn, or they find another software platform that gives them that capability.

With other software companies, you usually are limited to the number of jobs you can post at a given time. Other platforms charge you a premium to post each job.

Job Interviews

We believe that you shouldn’t be charged for the number of positions that your company needs. With White July, you can post as many jobs for a single price! View pricing here.

As we were building our software, we realized that one of the struggles that applicants found in applying for jobs were the endless forms that they had to fill out that asked the same information that is found on their resume. This is bad user experience for the applicant. User experience is critical in the digital world. User experience reflects on the company. Not only are we making our software easy for companies to use, but a great experience for applicants as well.

The only information that the applicant needs to fill out when applying for a job is:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Their ethnicity
  • Veteran status
  • Disabled status
  • Resume

Applicants won’t take more than a single minute when applying for a job using White July. How great is that going to make your company look?

Finding the Right Employee for your Company

Okay, so posting jobs to your site is a great way to get the information out online that you’re hiring. But what about finding the right persons to join the team?

Finding the right person requires the right tools. We have added functionality to give you a glance at each applicant so you can quickly find their information, resume, add notes, define where they’re at in the interview process and much more.

These tools help you as the hiring manager to keep track of each applicant and inform them along the process.

Now don’t tell anybody, but we’re adding some new features that are coming soon. But because we like you, we’ll let you in on a little secret. We’re adding applicant grading.

Grade your applicants based on your impressions with the applicant, and how well they respond to your questions. Find the right person based on the top scores.

Expect that in the coming months. But don’t tell anybody, it’s our secret.

Employee Management

Managing employee’s important when running a business. Listing the employee work information for other co-workers is helping when co-workers need to reach out to each other.

As the admin, you are able to view each employee’s personal contact information, emergency contact information, salary, and much more.

Don’t use paper or spreadsheets to track that information. Keep it simple and keep it secure.

The Wrap Up

With HR and company management software you can find the right team members, safely store employee records, and much more. Check out what our software can do for you, and what features are around the corner here.

Try White July today for 14 days, no credit cards required!

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